• The action of ending a connection or relationship.
"a complete severance of links with the Republic"

• Dismissal or discharge from employment.
"employees were offered severance terms"

Severance is a restart, a reset. At least that's what our last HR director told us. 

So we took their advice and opened a wine bar that tackles beer and wine in a different way.  Wine listed by terroir without pretension. Beer with a sense of place and not corporate owned. Large format punch & cocktails that focus on the simplicity of their parts and the integrity of their ingredients. Pairings focused, innovative food menu concentrated on bringing everything together.

We changed how we approach service as well. More actions happening tableside, a better educated staff that is passionate, geeky, and ridiculously excited about our offerings; and a more comprehensive approach to you, our guests, to ensure you feel entirely taken care of for the duration of your time with us.

We also changed how we approach gratuity.*The old standard of tipping is arcane, ineffective, and reminds us of our last job filled with inequity, inconsistency, and inequality. Instead, we are adding a 20% service charge to all checks that allow us to pay an equitable living wage to all our employees and to provide a commission on sales to every hourly worker.

Thank you for joining us. We hope you are as excited as we are to bring
this project to life.

—The Severance Team

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